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RITUAL BOOGIE - La Décadence  (from the upcoming album "Middle Age Dust" out 2017- URGENCE DISK RECORDS and distributed by Irascible)
REAL: Sonia Rossier & Lo
from the album "Middle Age Dust" out on April 7 2017

RITUAL BOOGIE brand new video 7000 Ways (from the upcoming album "Middle Age Dust" out 2017) and next live at Metropop Festival with The Kills and White Lies 11 th November Lausanne


The band is recording it's first album

with Raphael Bovey at the Studio des Anges Lausanne

April 2016

Hallo SpaceBoy

original song by David Bowie

live at the Bleu Lézard Lausanne "Bowie Tribute night" 8th April 2016

A few concerts are scheduled  in March 2016 with the Psych band Viruuunga (TI), including the 26th of March at the Bouffon de la Taverne in Geneva.


A first album with Raphael Bovey is in preparation for 2016.



30th September  2015 


ITW on NeoMusicLive



Video  "Seagulls"

RITUAL BOOGIE's 4 track EP available now

"Ritual One" EP on Itunes and Spotify

First gig

June 2015


The band will be playing their first gig at the Festival des Pieds Plats in la Chaux switzerland on the 27 th of June. Locking forward to play live.






April 2015


The band has been rehearsing heavily and writting songs. In March they have recorded five tracks at the Studio des Anges Lausanne







September 2014
After splitting up the band Azazelblue's Earthworms, Stephen Garey started a new band with musician mates, Christophe Piquerez on bass (Mindgap, Maldone, Werewolf) and Stéphane Rentznik on drums  (Headrush, Awakening to come, Kill the guitar). Ritual Boogie is born



Alternative rock

Acid rock

Psychedelic rock